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Please enjoy our selection of fine craft sake from all regions of Japan. Our selection comes from small to medium sized breweries that often have limited qualities, and these products are also often seasonal

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Mutsu-Hassen Selection
Hachinohe Brewery won 1st Place in the World Sake Brewery of the Year for 2021. This is an amazing selection
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Jyanome style Glass set & Karafe

The soft shape created by the original method is fitted with your hands and lips, it allows you to enjoy the original taste of sake.

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Senjo Selection
The motto of Senjo is “Delicious sake is art whilst sake making is science”. Besides techniques, concept and presentation are what they emphasize, so they have produced a lot of delicious, yet interesting sakes
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Hakurou Selection
Since 1848 Sawada Brewery made premium sake by retaining the good old traditional skills applied in the fully hand-made production to this very day.
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Sweet Selection
This wonderful sweet selection is an interesting mix. We have Junmai Daiginjo, Kijoshu, and a mizumoto(futsu-shu) thats amazing. As mentioned these are for the drinkers that like it sweet, silky and smooth!
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Casual Selection
This wonderful mixed set offering allows you to experience a wide range of tastes from fruity to dry to crisp. These selections are great to enjoy with food and allows great experimentation.

Mixed Cases

Great Mixed Cases Sake Sets available for your pleasure.

Look to our mixed sake cases when you are preparing for the holiday season or a special event. Stock up on Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Yamahai or Sparkling Sake in cases of 3 or 12. 

High Quality Premium Sake to your door.

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SakeShop  has additional offerings of specialist Tableware alongside our High quality craft sake for your additional enjoyment.

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