Itakura Shuzo

About Itakua Shuzo

Itakura Shuzo is located in Shimane Prefecture’s Izumo City, a spiritual heartland celebrated throughout Japanese mythology, but more importantly, one of the birthplaces of sake. Legend has it that every October, Japan’s gods gather at Izumo’s Saka Shrine to brew sake which is followed by a massive party. The brewery goes to great lengths to impart some of this mythology into their brewing formula. They use Saka Nishiki rice, which takes its name from the shrine and is grown exclusively in Shimane Prefecture and source their water from the nearby Kitayama mountain range, another spiritual power spot. As you would expect of a brewery with an inextricable connection to the gods, their sake exudes divinity and clarity with depth of flavour in every sip.

Since 1871
Region Chugoku, Japan