Mutsu-Hassen Junmai Ginjo Black Label

Mutsu-Hassen Junmai Ginjo Black Label

Mutsu-Hassen Junmai Ginjo Black Label


Displays a hint of sake's natural golden color, and exudes plumes of fresh, juicy apple aromatics. The sake also has a refreshing acidity that melts gently into a sea of umami, allowing it to be very adaptable in many different pairings.

Food Pairing
Tempura, sweet shrimp, king crab, fried chicken, ginger pork, chicken salad, chicken served with full grain mustard, red fleshed fish sashimi, baked salmon

Serving Suggestion
Served chilled, room temperature, warm

The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2019 Premium Junmai GOLD
Kura Master France GOLD
US National Sake Appraisals GOLD
London Sake Challenge 2020 GOLD
International Wine Challenge SILVER

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  • Category:
    Junmai Ginjo
  • Rice:
  • Rice polishing ratio:
    55% pol.
  • Alcohol:
    16% vol.
  • SMV:
  • Acidity:
  • Prefecture:
  • Article no:
  • Style:
    Aromatic & Expressive
  • Serving Suggestion:
    not used
  • Food Pairing:

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About Hachinohe Shuzo

This brewery started in 1740 when the first-generation Komai Shozaburo left Omi Province (located in Shiga Prefecture along the western bank of Lake Biwa in the present day) for the land of Mutsu (Tohoku) to find a good place to produce sake. The brewery has followed in his footsteps and has continued to make sake for generations. Today, the eighth-generation Shozaburo produces an environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious local brand of sake from Aomori Prefecture that uses rice grown in Aomori, the finest yeast, and clear spring water from the Kanisawa area in Hachinohe to perfect the brewing process.

Since 1740
Region Tohoku, Japan 
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